"If you have time for but one
  province in China, Yunnan should
  be it.
- Lonely Planet


Volunteer in Kunming, Yunnan,
a city with year-round Spring weather. Trips to 26 cultures &
5 nearby countries.

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Yunnan Nationalities Villages

This village is just like a big theme park that showcases the customs of different ethnic minorities who reside in Yunnan Province. If you don't have enough time to travel to various parts of Yunnan to appreciate the diverse cultures of the ethnic groups, you will be able to have a snapshot here.

One of attractions of Yunnan province is the different ethnic groups with their long histories, fascinating legends, colorful customs, and unique residential architectures. There are 56 ethnic groups around China according to the Chinese government's official statistics. In Yunnan province, you can find most of them, 52 out 56. Among them are 25 groups that are most distinctive and are scattered over the whole province. The different variety of ethnic groups makes Yunnan incomparable in terms of its cultural diversity all over China. To travel to and become familiar with every ethnic group in this region would be a long process. 

With convenient access just 8 KM (5 miles) from downtown Kunming, The Yunnan Ethnic Village is located on the southwest bank of the Dianchi Lake, covering an area of 133.3 hectares. As one of the featured parts of Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort Region, it is classified as China's AAAA tourist spot. Integrating cultural relics and natural beauties of various ethnic people from different places, the Village is like a window that showcases the colorful and distinctive cultures and customs of Yunnan's 25 most distinctive ethnic groups.

Built in the Village are homes of ethnic people with their own unique style and characteristics. To demonstrate their cultures and traditions, young men and women from different ethnicity origins provide tour services wearing their colorful national dresses and costumes. They present visitors with authentic ethnic life styles, singing and dancing performances and religious worship.

Traditional festivals of different minorities are “performed” at different times each day. Among these festival demonstrations are the Torch Festivals of Bai and Yi people, the Water Splashing Festival of Dai people, the Knife-ladders Climbing Festival of Lisu people, the Munao Zongge of Jingpo people and the Sanduo Festival of Naxi people. This is done so that travelers can experience how these festivals are observed if they cannot be in Yunnan at different locations all year round to witness the actual festivals.

You can arrive at the Yunnan Ethnic Village by taking buses number 24, 44, 74 or 94 from downtown Kunming. The admission fee is 70 RMB 




Impact Abroad provides International Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities
to people in the western world to help children in Yunnan, China

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