"If you have time for but one
  province in China, Yunnan should
  be it.
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5 nearby countries.

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How to Find Inexpensive Tickets to China

Spring in the City of Kunming, Yunnan

Finding inexpensive air tickets to China is no cakewalk. If you do not keep an eye out for travel sites that contain information on air tickets at discounted rates, you might end up spending thousands of dollars for your one-way ticket that you would normally pay for your round trip. Travel agencies tend to add their service fees to the overall price of the tickets. As a result, air tickets acquired from travel agencies are usually expensive. One cardinal rule of getting your hands on inexpensive air tickets is to ask your travel agent three to four compulsory questions to determine the exact amount of the hidden service fee. If you often fly to China for international volunteer work and community service, you can haggle over the price by discussing the possibility of using frequent flier miles with your agency. However, the best place to shop for inexpensive international tickets is online. If you are a thrifty flyer, you can visit online travel sites such as Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, Hotwire.com or Priceline.com, which will provide you with information on reasonably priced air tickets. We have consulted these sites, conducting extensive research on the least expensive airfare from New York to Yunnan. The fares ranged from $1204 to $1450.

You will never know which site will offer you the best deal because the price varies from week to week. You will have to keep a look out for the site that offers the most competitive price. However, we have some money-saving tips for you that will help you substantially save on international airfare and, therefore, on your volunteer travel.

Tips On inexpensive Air Tickets to China

1.       Patiently consult several websites before taking the plunge.

2.       If you are using discount websites, try searching for fares with different departure and return dates. There is little logic to airfare pricing, so do not try too hard to figure it out.

3.       Midnight travel on some airlines will have very low fares since not many people travel during those ungodly hours. Even if you are not sure about traveling at midnight, the savings might convince you otherwise. Whenever the search criterion allows you choices, take the ones that are least restrictive for airlines.

4.       You can get inexpensive air tickets if you buy your tickets early. Some airlines provide discounts up to 85%. So, it will be more cost-effective, if you book your flight two or three months in advance. If you are certain of volunteering abroad, try to book your air tickets resorting to this method and benefit from the greatest savings.

5.       If you live in the suburbs, you might be able to take a bus to the nearest major metropolis from where you can fly to your volunteering destination. It will considerably reduce your airfare.

6.       Make sure that all the taxes, surcharges and fees have been added before you finalize the ticket purchase.

7.       In case you are booking a non-refundable flight, be sure to read a site's rebooking and cancellation policies because these vary from airline to airline and site to site.

8.       Ensure that the price you are quoted is the price you are booking online.

If you are really serious about volunteering abroad, you should devote a few minutes to an hour every day to online research. It might actually help you spot tickets at throwaway prices.



Impact Abroad provides International Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities
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