"If you have time for but one
  province in China, Yunnan should
  be it.
- Lonely Planet


Volunteer in Kunming, Yunnan,
a city with year-round Spring weather. Trips to 26 cultures &
5 nearby countries.

CALL US Mon - Fri
  9AM - 11PM China Time
  Kunming-China time is:


  +1 877 U ABROAD  


 +44(0)20 7193 3479


+852 8125 4854


+22 281 505532285


+82 70 7678 7629


+61 (02) 80060842

Application   Some Advice for Volunteers Ask Us a Question

  For volunteering there is a fully refundable registration fee of $285 for OECD nationals (list of OCED countries), while applicants from all other countries will have to pay an $85 deposit. This deposit is due at the time of initial registration. This deposit will be refunded in full when begin your volunteering placement at Kunming.
If you are availing accommodations provided by us please pay the full price for your stay at least 2 weeks before your arrival date in Kunming.




Impact Abroad provides International Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities
to people in the western world to help children in Yunnan, China

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