"If you have time for but one
  province in China, Yunnan should
  be it.
- Lonely Planet


Volunteer in Kunming, Yunnan,
a city with year-round Spring weather. Trips to 26 cultures &
5 nearby countries.

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Welcome to Impact Abroad

Volunteer in Asia with Impact Abroad and Teach Disadvantaged Children

Impact Abroad places international volunteers in local, non-profit organizations in Asia completely free of cost. These partner organizations are largely in the field of education and community development and they serve disadvantaged children and other individuals with limited opportunities.

Volunteers can enroll in our programs between September and April. Generally, we do not accept volunteer placements between May and August. However, if someone is serious about undertaking voluntary work between May and August, an exception to this rule may occasionally be made though it is unlikely.  Volunteering with Impact Abroad is a way to give back to the global community and offer these less fortunate individuals the skills and knowledge they need, in order to turn their lives around.  Due to our history of arranging these kinds of volunteer programs, we were recently named as a “Top 10 Program in Citizen Diplomacy” by the Center for Citizen Diplomacy and U.S. State Department.

Impact Abroad has two locations in India, Kolkata and Itanagar and one location in China, Kunming. While Kolkata is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of eastern India, Itanagar is the capital of the Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh, located in northeast India. Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan Province in southwest China.

Impact Abroad provides the following for free:
International Volunteer Placement
Training on teaching English
Meals on weekdays in our office
24/7 in-country support

We do not cover expenses for the following:

However, while we do not cover the items above, we can provide free consultation for people, who are keen on volunteering abroad, on how to book the most affordable flights, obtain a visa, and direct them towards resources to find housing in either China or India

Details on our Volunteer Placements

In both India and China, Impact Abroad partners with local organizations that provide shelter and informal education to children from severely economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  International student volunteers, enrolled in this program, will be mainly involved in service learning activities, teaching basic English to these children. Additionally, they are also free to teach recreational activities such as reciting English poems, singing, painting or playing musical instruments. Beyond this, in the children’s free time some organizations might ask you to take the children out for recreational activities. International volunteers, spending time with these children, can do a lot to broaden their horizons and instill a passion for learning English. By teaching them English, volunteers are indirectly helping them to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

Volunteering will be a rewarding experience for participants, especially when they succeed in fostering an interest in children towards learning English. In both China and India, especially after their economic boom, knowing English is an extra advantage at the workplace.                               

Depending upon the volunteer work and site, volunteers in both China and India are paired with local Asian volunteer partners so that communication with the children does not become a hurdle. The Asian volunteer partners will not speak English as well as the international volunteers. However, they will be able to act as translators and facilitate communication between the international volunteers and children, who only speak local languages. 




Impact Abroad provides International Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities
to people in the western world to help children in Yunnan, China

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